April 2024
Tanisha Islam

The Origin…

Flower Girl was created as a resource for an emotionally fragile Mother that was suffering from PTSD due to the violent murder of her oldest son. 

This mother was experiencing anxiety and insomnia on a consistent basis and, with an adverse perception of pharmaceutical drugs, was searching for natural remedies that would complement her daily lifestyle while allowing her to remain functioning. After all, she held a highly visible position in Corporate America – and her responsibilities, regardless of her headspace, remained ever present.

The more she read and researched, the more she came to realize that medical cannabis could prove to be life changing for her.

And it was.
And it STILL is,
And she is ME.

I can say without a doubt, 2021 was the toughest year of my life to date.

While I struggled to ground myself in what I have begrudgingly labeled “My New Normal” and simultaneously having to navigate the grieving process – I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat and I liken my moods to the twists and turns of a rollercoaster.

I was experiencing intense bouts of insomnia and anxiety – and was ultimately diagnosed with PTSD and prescribed medicinal marijuana. Relief for me was instantaneous. My anxiety levels decreased substantially and for the first time in a long time, I was able to experience a full night’s sleep.

And this is what I ultimately wish for everyone.

For the stigma attached to cannabis to disappear – allowing users to experience the many benefits the plant has to offer minus the judgement that has often accompanied it.

For Flower Girl to provide a safe space for Women – where we encourage, empower and educate ourselves and each other on the power of cannabis.

And in creating this community, I’ve partnered with several brands and organizations to make access and education readily available – from Leafwell, who is a leading voice in the study and research of cannabis, to True Voice, our digital health and wellness partner, who recognizes that community-based healing is the future of wellness.
…and I will continue to tap into partners that align with Flower Girl’s mission.

Flower Girl was created for every Mother, every Daughter, every Sister and Friend.
Every Race and Ethnicity.
Every Age and Expertise.

WE Are Flower Girl

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April 2024
Tanisha Islam

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